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Schmit Law is an active member of Oakland's legal community.

Former SLO Attorney, Kathy Zalewski Designated Chair of the WCAB
Schmit Law Offices congratulates Kathy Zalewski being named the Chair of the California Workers Compensation Appeals Board. Gov. Jerry Brown named Katherine Zalewski as the Chair of the WCAB in August 2017. Kathy Zalewski was an attorney at Schmit Law Offices from 2000 to 2009.
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Schmit Law Article Featured in LexisNexis Newsroom
Oakland, CA- LexisNexis featured an article written by Schmit Law Offices on the increasing liability risks employers face in the wake of recent changes to state disability regulations. The changes mean that more industrially injured employees may qualify for civil FEHA claims than ever before. Fortunately, there are ways employers can reduce their liability.
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Seminar on New Workers’ Compensation & Liability Risks
Schmit Law announces new seminar for employers facing increasing compensation and liability risks under new California regulations.

Oakland, CA- Amendments to California’s disability regulations have exposed employers to more liability under both workers compensation and tort disability laws than ever before. Schmit Law now offers a seminar on the growing overlap of these two areas of law and how employers can minimize these new risks.
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Workers' Compensation Webinars

David Schmit has been giving a series of audio broadcast/webinars on the topic: “Disciplining/Terminating Workers’ Compensation Claimants.” These webinars are aimed at both national and California audiences. Business and Legal Resources (BLR), the sponsoring entity, assists employer organizations in compliance with employment, safety, and environmental statutes and regulations. BLR invited Mr. Schmit to speak at their Western regional meeting on “Workers’ Compensation for the Human Resources Professionals.”

For your convenience the outline of the presentation is available.

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More information about BLR and future webinars is available at


Presentations to the SF Industrial Claims Association (SF ICA)

David Schmit spoke to the San Francisco Industrial Claims Association on “Tactical Considerations with Almaraz/Guzman and Ogilvie." He analyzed recent WCAB panel decisions giving practitioners insight on when to depose the reporting physician, how to preserve the right to challenge a rating, and the sufficiency of a report generally. Mr. Schmit would be happy to make this presentation to interested groups. Please email or call 510-893-4111 extension 180.

St. Petersburg Bar Association Newsletter

Ms. Patricia Hastings is featured in an article by the Executive Director of St. Petersburg Bar Association’s, Kimberly Rodgers regarding the St. Petersburg Community Law Program.

Ms. Rodgers states, “One of the most rewarding things about my job is the opportunity to work with and get to know many attorneys who share a common commitment to public service through their volunteer work with Community Law Program (CLP).  In my eight years as executive director of an organization that is often the last hope for many people in our community, it is difficult to articulate how emotionally taxing our role can be at times.  That being said, I am always inspired to press when I witness the extraordinary commitment exhibited by countless attorneys and law students who work tirelessly on behalf of our clients.  We often learn many lessons from their commitments, which are all inspiring.  I’ve decided to give special tribute to an attorney who recently shared with me her experiences as a volunteer with our organization before moving out of the area.

Patricia Hastings was one of the first volunteers I met when I came on board at CLP; she has been a volunteer since 1997.  She enjoyed a long-standing tradition of teaming up to staff our housing clinic every First Friday of the month.  For years, we never had to recruit attorneys for this particular clinic session, because like clockwork, they would always volunteer for this clinic.  After each clinic session they’d hang around to ‘shoot the breeze’ with each other and with the CLP staff.  When Patricia left to move back to San Francisco with her daughter and for work, CLP staff had a pizza party for her to wish her well.  While at the party, Patricia shared with me the following philosophy that guides her commitment to public service:

‘In my family, whatever path we chose for school or career, we were expected to do three things: vote, donate blood, and help people less fortunate than we are.  In my lifetime…there has never been a time when I didn’t know for sure that there were people in worse straits than I was.  As an attorney, I can give my time to help those people, and the Community Law Program has been a great place to do that.  I have made friends, learned new areas of the law, and helped make hard times a little less hard for some of the clients of CLP’ .”

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